Here’s a link to a copy of an article originally written in 1989. It’s written for the masses not just those with a professional or avocation interest in astronomy, so feel free to pass the link on to your friends. You know the kind of friends I’m talking about. These are the friends who openly question your [click to continue…]

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Welcome Back! Introducing the New and Improved – Version 2.0!

Do you want to know this history of this web-site? This is the post to read.

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Olbers’ Paradox of Infinite Daylight

But we do have darkness! What gives? Now, old Olbers was certainly not some sort of nineteenth century nut case. Still, he’s have to live another 100 years to find the real answer to his paradox.

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Apollo 14: The Ultimate Sand Trap

Scotland may take credit for inventing the game, but leave it for a witty American to take the sport to its greatest heights – literally!

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Io Erupting (Voyager 1)

We might have discovered this six years earlier if not for a glitch. Of the thousands of commands sent to Pioneer 10 during the 24 days of its Jupiter encounter, only one was lost due to those radiation belts. It could have been one just like this.

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