• Popular Culture

    Evidence of Mankind’s Evolving Self-Perception

    Despite its often blunt message that man, for all his glory, stands as a tiny grain of sand against the naked might of the universe, science fiction leaves us with a hope that, yes, we can achieve the impossible dream. […]

  • Sights

    Apollo 8: Earthrise

    In the beginning God… It’s the afternoon of Christmas Eve, 1968. As Apollo 8 emerges from the far side of the Moon on its fourth orbit, Astronaut William Anders sees something no man before him [...]
  • Theories

    Olbers’ Paradox of Infinite Daylight

    But we do have darkness! What gives? Now, old Olbers was certainly not some sort of nineteenth century nut case. Still, he’s have to live another 100 years to find the real answer to his paradox. […]

  • Sights

    Io Erupting (Voyager 1)

    We might have discovered this six years earlier if not for a glitch. Of the thousands of commands sent to Pioneer 10 during the 24 days of its Jupiter encounter, only one was lost due to those radiation belts. It could have been one just like this. […]

  • Events

    Apollo 7 – First Live TV Broadcast

    Unfortunately, the tragedy of January 1967 may have only attracted more viewers. Interest in Apollo 7 grew more intense. And when the red light finally turned on, what a show it turned out to be! […]

  • Ancient Artifacts

    Antikythera Mechanism

    The device mimics the complexity of clockwork not designed in Western Europe until a millennium later. What did the ancient Greeks use it for? […]



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