From the beginning of time, the untouchable stars above controlled man as he lay prone to their eternal mercy. They could rain death and destruction. Yet, for all the punishment they delivered, the evening sky also represented man’s greatest reward – earning an immortal place among those distant lanterns scattered in the dark dome of night.

While ancient religions may have left man a mere servant to the gods above, they also left an enduring legacy the science of astronomy uses to this day. We can trace much of our epic advances – from planetary motion to stellar distances – to the mathematics and geometry that make up an important part of both astrology and the constellations.

Still, it’s hard to erase the psychological scars wrought by centuries of mythology. For all the revelations during the Age of Reason, and despite the [click to continue…]


Apollo 8: Earthrise

In the beginning God… It’s the afternoon of Christmas Eve, 1968. As Apollo 8 emerges from the far side of the Moon on its fourth orbit, Astronaut William Anders sees something no man before him has ever seen. “Oh my God!” he exclaims to his crewmates, “Look at that picture there! There’s the Earth coming […]

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Interested in Having Fun with the Perseids? Here’s How in 5 Easy Steps.

You know the kind of friends I’m talking about. These are the friends who openly question your sanity when they hear you rustling about in your backyard deep into the summer night.

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Welcome Back! Introducing the New and Improved – Version 2.0!

Do you want to know this history of this web-site? This is the post to read.

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Olbers’ Paradox of Infinite Daylight

But we do have darkness! What gives? Now, old Olbers was certainly not some sort of nineteenth century nut case. Still, he’s have to live another 100 years to find the real answer to his paradox.

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