Ancient Artifacts

Ancient Artifacts Nominees

Within these ancient achievements lies the shrouded mystery of every Saturday afternoon matinee adventure flick. Well, maybe not every B movie, but a lot of them. […]


Theories Nominees

Some of these leaps landed on firm ground. Other fell into the void of history. Regardless, they each represent a stepping stone to further discovery. […]


Sights Nominees

We spy on these spectacular objects, whose true beauty can only be revealed once the photographic plate has remembered far more photons than the human eye can ever hope to collect in an instant. […]

Popular Culture

Popular Culture Nominees

The role of astronomy – the heavens – in popular culture paints a story arc of mankind’s evolving self-perception. Through it, you’ll discover something about your species you many never have noticed, but something, deep down in your heart, you always knew. […]


People Nominees

These represent, with apologies to Walt Disney, the imagineers of Astronomy and Space Exploration. Without them, we’d be nothing but apes throwing bones at an alien black monolith. […]